EF Rapid
Investment Strategy

The mutual fund ‘EF Rapid’ is a balanced type one. It invests predominantly in securities which are admitted to trading or traded on a regulated market in Bulgaria, including shares, debt securities and fixed income instruments. The main objectives of the mutual fund consist in an increase in the value of the investments of the holders of shares through realisation of the maximum possible income while assuming a moderate risk and ensuring the liquidity of the investments of the holders of shares.

The investment strategy of the mutual fund provides for the realisation of capital profits from securities, income from dividends/share securities, as well as for current income from debt securities and other financial instruments. For achieving the investment objectives, a strategy of active management of the portfolio of securities, financial assets and pecuniary resources is implemented. It is provided that, under normal circumstances, about 60-70% of the portfolio of the Fund will consist of shares and tradable rights aimed at acquiring shares of new emissions upon capital increase of the respective public companies. The portion of debt securities, including mortgage bonds, other corporate bonds and municipal bonds, and government securities, as well as money market instruments shall be up to 30-40% of the portfolio. The specific structure of the assets will depend on the current market conditions and will be dynamic, remaining within the above restrictions.

The main group of investors who are the targets of the activity of the Fund are the investors having an income exceeding the average one for the country, good investment culture and moderate risk bearing capacity.

The investment product of ‘ЕF Rapid’ is targeted at persons (citizens, companies, institutions) which: • are ready to assume moderate investment risk;

• are willing to achieve quick and secured liquidity, without this affecting the investment income that has already been achieved;

• are ready to invest pecuniary resources in the long run;

• are seeking diversification of the risk of their own portfolio;

• are willing to have their money managed by financial market professionals.

We would like to warn you that the previous results of the fund do not necessarily have any relation with the future results, and the value of the investment and profit might decrease. There is a risk that investors might not be able to recover all of the invested funds. The investments in the fund are not secured by a guarantee fund created by the government or by any other type of guarantee.
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