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EF Asset Management JSC

EF Asset Management JSC is a financial company operating on the capital markets for the purpose of adding value to its unitholders from trading and investing activity with financial instruments. Our Fund is concentrated in exploring investment opportunities predominantly within the Bulgarian state and municipal securities, corporate stocks and bonds, cash instruments and deposits. Thus, depending on global trends, funds are allocated in assets with growth potential.

EF Asset Management is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Fund Management Companies.

Collective Investment Schemes

Investors who entrust their funds to EF Asset Management AD have the opportunity to choose between two mutual funds - Exchange Traded Fund EF Principal ETF and Mutual Fund EF Rapid. Thus, they acquire units of the investment fund whose value reflects the proportion of the fund's portfolio’s assets.

Who can perform management of assets activities?

According to the Bulgarian legislation, only financial institutions licensed by the FSC, namely investment intermediaries and fund management companies have the right to manage client funds by investing them in financial instruments. Investment firms seek the confidential management of individual portfolios, and the management companies manage mutual funds and individual portfolios.

EF Asset Management JSC holds a license to operate as an asset management company- No 17 - УД/09.03.2006 and new license No 68-УД/09.12.2020.
EF Principal has a license to operate as a mutual fund- No 2 - ДФ 19.09.2005.
EF Rapid has a license to operate as a mutual fund- No 6 - ДФ 17.10.2005.


2005 - Formed as a joint venture between Euro-Finance JSC ​​and Valentin Karabashev with a capital of 100,000.
2005 - obtaining a license to perform activity as a Management Company of FSC.
2005 - Increase of the capital up to BGN 250,000 by issuing new shares in the amount of BGN 150,000.
2012 - Euro-Finance JSC ​​acquires 100% of the company's capital.
2012 - Increase of the capital up to BGN 400,000 by issuing new shares in the amount of BGN 150,000.
2013 - Euro-Finance JSC ​​reduced its stake to 19% by selling 324,000 shares.

We would like to warn you that the previous results of the fund do not necessarily have any relation with the future results, and the value of the investment and profit might decrease. There is a risk that investors might not be able to recover all of the invested funds. The investments in the fund are not secured by a guarantee fund created by the government or by any other type of guarantee.
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