Prices, Calculated on 21 June 2024 in BGN

All prices are valid for orders placed till 20 June 2024
NAV for one share * NAV Number of issued shares Yield YTD (Not Annualized) Yield for last 12 months Standart deviation
EF Principal
1.1807 63,719,395.60 53,969,749.0000 4.57% 9.24% 6.37%
EF Rapid
1.5399 42,164,113.44 27,381,376.8885 3.82% 7.21% 4.76%
NMF EF Potential
1.0033 33,589,179.51 33,478,184.9026 4.25% 8.62% 11.48%
* Redemption Price per unit and Issue Price per unit is equal to the Net Asset Value per unit.
EF Principal
NAV for one share * 1.1807
NAV 63,719,395.60
Number of issued shares 53,969,749.00
Yield YTD (Not Annualized) 4.57%
Yield for last 12 months 9.24%
Standart deviation 6.37%
EF Rapid
NAV for one share * 1.5399
NAV 42,164,113.44
Number of issued shares 27,381,376.89
Yield YTD (Not Annualized) 3.82%
Yield for last 12 months 7.21%
Standart deviation 4.76%
NMF EF Potential
NAV for one share * 1.0033
NAV 33,589,179.51
Number of issued shares 33,478,184.90
Yield YTD (Not Annualized) 4.25%
Yield for last 12 months 8.62%
Standart deviation 11.48%
* Redemption Price per unit and Issue Price per unit is equal to the Net Asset Value per unit.

Exchange Traded Fund EF Principal ETF - Admission to trading on the Exchange Traded Products Segment of the BSE Main Market

We would like to inform you that the Financial Supervision Commission by Decision № 136-DF / 16.02.2022 issued an approval to the MC "EF Asset Management" AD to change the Rules of the Exchange Traded Fund "EF Principal ETF" (with former name Mutual Fund EF Principal). In connection with the above, Exchange traded fund "EF Principal ETF" is Starting for trading on Exchange Traded Products Segment of the BSE Main Market on 09.03.2022.

- ISIN of the issue of units: BG9000002055
- BSE code of the issue of units: EFPR
- CFI code of the issue: CIOIRS
- Type of units: Dematerialised, registered and freely transferable
- Amount of the issue: Floating
- Nominal value per unit: BGN 1.00 /one Bulgarian lev/
- Issuance currency: BGN
- Currency of trading: BGN

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DEAR INVESTORS, We would like to inform you that at its meeting on December 10, 2021, the Board of Directors of EF Asset Management AD decided to admit the units of the Mutual Fund "EF Principal" to trading on a regulated market - Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD. In this regard, it is necessary to eliminate the possibility of issuing partial units of the Fund. Considering the above, we kindly ask you by January 27, 2022, to request redemption of the partial units held by you. In case no action is taken by you by this date, your investment in partial units will be supplemented to an integer at the expense of MC EF Asset Management AD. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation! Respectfully, Ivan Ovcharov, CEO Ivelina Ivanova, Procurator
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Changes in the management fee - mutual fund ‘EF Rapid’

EF Asset Management AD, informs its investors that as of 06.01.2022 the annual amount of the fee for the management of the EF Rapid has been reduced from 1.95% to 1.50%  of the average annual net value of the assets of the mutual fund.

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We would like to warn you that the previous results of the fund do not necessarily have any relation with the future results, and the value of the investment and profit might decrease. There is a risk that investors might not be able to recover all of the invested funds. The investments in the fund are not secured by a guarantee fund created by the government or by any other type of guarantee.
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